Monday, January 13, 2014

Hope Springs Irritable: Is Winter Over Yet?!

As published in the March 2014 Hibu Publications
The deep roots never doubt spring will come- Marty Rubin
Spring is on its way, and I couldn’t be happier!  I am so tired of the cold.  I know that I am not alone when I say that this was the most uncomfortable winter that I can remember.  The January cold snap gave us problems with the heating system and left me cuddling with a space heater for two days.  I’m ready for some sunshine.  I miss my garden horribly.  In the fall, I left the leaves in the backyard to ensure that the bees have a place that they can winter.  The koi in the pond have settled to the bottom for an icy nap.  I miss them and look forward to seeing them soon.  My nearly fatless dog has been dressed in layers for the past several weeks.  He misses his walks, but is very happy to be in his bed with his heating pad.  I have to keep a close eye on him as he will sneak little “accidents” in the house just to avoid the frigid temperatures.  My husband installed an awesome bathouse for me.  We had one or two curious passersby in the fall that will likely return in May and set up in there with pups, and I am so excited to have these new additions to the Team Geraci Headquarters.  For Christmas, my parents bought me a butterfly house made out of a gourd that needs to go in the shady area near the perennial bed.  My windows creak with the cold wind.  Pretty soon, they'll be opened to allow a morning breeze through the house that takes the stagnant dust off the bookcases and breathe new life into its living occupants. My dwarf citrus trees which usually occupy the warm and sunny deck in the warm months are lined up in the living room.  They look tired, cold and frankly miserable in their formation with the furniture, breathing in the dry filtered air and drinking nothing but ice cubes and mist from a plastic spray bottle.  They are yearning for the life giving sunshine drinking clean rain water.  The cool breezes that pass through the yard give them a workout strengthening their branches while the pot absorbs heat keeping the roots cozy warm.  In a few years they will give me fruit, but they need to grow up first.  I am never so excited about a huge to-do list as I am with the impending springtime multitude of tasks.  Soon I will be sewing vegetable seeds under lights in the garage.  I love the anticipation and excitement I feel when I see that first tiny little green leaf push its way up through the dirt.  Its so full of energy and strength.  The seed has been sitting in its cramped little envelope for weeks and months waiting for warm light.  I can really relate to how the seeds feel.  Perhaps that is why I enjoy gardening so much.  I am always sad to see everything die in the fall; I get attached to the plants that I raised from nothingness and into green bountiful glory.  In the fall, I wither right along with them.  Life goes on though, and I have people that depend on me to not hibernate with my garden critter family.  So here I am, sitting back in my depressing little dark and dirty spot, patient for just a little bit longer.  Soon, it will be my time to bloom, take off my socks and stretch out my ten little roots in the backyard.  I can't wait to get back out there.  Everything around me, the weather, the seeds, even the dog require my patience.  
It's on its way.  
I couldn't be happier.  

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