Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Awesome: The Cool Comfy Fall Style I Live In

I wrote this as a "job interview" as a freelance writer for an online fashion magazine.  I didn't get the job, guess they couldn't handle me.  

I love summer.  I love the sunshine, I love my garden, I love the birds and the little backyard animals I see as I sit on the porch and drink my morning espresso before the intense heat of the day sends me heading for shade.  Its always my busiest time of the year because the kids are out of school, the lawn is at its neediest for mowing, and tenants in my rental houses have a tendency to use their rent money to take vacations.  Its easier to take the good with the bad when you're wearing adorable little sandals and linen in a variety of pastels that make me feel as light and cool as the breeze at dusk.  I am always sad to see summer leave; in fact, its very much an anxiety.  Even at age 35, I still feel the same panic I did as a kid because school would be starting soon.  But an interesting thing happens: every July, I start seeing the fall fashion roll in.  Suddenly, I am missing my leather boots and comfy cardigans.  As the flowers shrivel, my wardrobe possibilities open.  I am most drawn to new patterns, cuts and silhouettes that give me a young and modern take on my wardrobe staples.  My style is definitely classic- I love timeless styling and fit with some trendy modern touches.  I'll be headed out later today and my outfit is already picked out- a vintage Armani silk and cashmere fitted jacket with a pink and purple Coach silk scarf tied loosely, Hollister slim fit jeans and my beloved Buttero riding boots.  That's pretty much me in a nutshell.  The jacket was one of my beloved thrift store finds that never goes out of style.  It needed an update for this season, so I rolled up the sleeves to just below the elbow showing 2 luxurious inches of light blue silky lining.  In the interest of timeless beauty and fit (and always considering my hourglass figure that I enjoy so much) here's what I've got my eye on for fall.

Old Navy 3/4 sleeve Jersey dress

For me, the knee length hemline screams classic beauty.  The ruched sides and the stretch of this one are very forgiving and add a soft comfortable visual.  Think Marilyn Monroe running out for coffee.  Truth be told, I have already purchased this in all three colors.  Take advantage of the free shipping over $50.

Moma Buckled Flat Boot

A good pair of leather boots in a timeless style is a great investment.  I haven't decided yet if I want to buried in my Butteros or if I want to leave them to my niece in my will.  I think that buckles and chains are too trendy, heel heights go in and out season to season and year to year.  Learn how to polish good leather shoes, or ask your drycleaner if they perform shoe polish and repair in house.  For such an investment, you'll likely have to get new soles after a few years.  Don't cheap out on the upkeep.  Good polish and good replacement soles when needed will keep them looking great for years.

Handmade scarves

The French girl in me almost always has a scarf on hand.  From wool to silk to synthetics, different weights, patterns, and ages.  I have everything from vintage silk Givenchy, another thrift store find, to the purple wool one my stepson brought home from Afghanistan for me. I like a little bit of a story behind my scarves, whether it was a cherished gift from a loved one in a far away land, "I got it for $2.99 at Goodwill!" or, as above, the items are handmade and profits benefit charity.  For me, it really is the key component to making my outfit a little different each time I wear it.

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